Site Rules

Welcome to Backroom World English Website, we welcome you to join, but please know the following website rules, violators will be banned!

About Levels

Respect others

  • Respect all members of the community. It's OK to raise objections, as long as you are polite. (Unless your opinion is extreme or discriminatory)

Age limit

  • The minimum age limit for joining the website is 14. Users below the specified age can still read articles on the website. In addition, any user who shows extremely immature behaviors or behaviors similar to those of people under the specified age will also be regarded as a primary school user to be warned or even banned.

Role play

  • The Backrooms are completely fictitious works. Please do not show them as true in the forum, such as claiming that you have been to a certain level.

Adult content and bloody content

Due to age restrictions, we do not allow adult content, because we want to create a good environment for sharing articles.


  • You can make very subtle changes to the articles on this site, such as fixing wrong hyperlinks or typos (when you do this kind of editing, you need to explain it in the editing comment bar), but any other editing without the consent of the original author or the staff team is not allowed. Note: This includes the section of "Entrance and Exit" of a level that links to your level.
  • If the tag of an original article contains "cooperation", it means that this is a cooperation page. You can add content to the original cooperation page without being warned. However, page creators and staff have the right to delete content that they think is inappropriate to appear on the page.

Upvote and Downvote

  • Downvote is not allowed for reasons other than the quality of the article itself. Of course, voters can also choose not to explain downvote. In addition, any act of forming cliques or attempting to make a large number of users downvote an article is not allowed.

About self upvote

  • As stipulated by the Backrooms World Database, the site also allows authors to vote their own articles. However, we cannot guarantee that this behavior will not incur the antipathy of some members.


The range is from ban to permanent ban for one week. It is applicable to serious violations with obvious malicious or extreme behavior as the final measure.

"I lost my membership and cannot apply again. Why?"

Blocking is the final warning given by the staff to some serious bad behaviors or users. Blocked users cannot apply to join the website again during the blocking period. If you have the following behaviors, you will be banned.

  • Membership was removed multiple times. If you have been removed from membership due to repeated violations of station rules, the staff will consider banning. Similarly, if you have been subject to short-term ban for many times, the staff will also consider permanent ban.
  • It involves politics. Regency will lead to permanent ban in the discussion area.
  • Plagiarism. Any attempt to regard another person's work or idea as his own is prohibited, and will be banned for one month to permanently depending on the circumstances. It is allowed to write inspiration from somewhere into your own works, but it is absolutely prohibited to directly copy any text or relevant elements of the article.
  • Human flesh/open box. Attacks on other users of the website are extremely serious harassment. Once confirmed, any users who engage in human flesh attacks will be permanently banned. Similarly, users who help others carry out human flesh, arch fire at human flesh or ridicule victims will be banned for one month.
  • Turn on the trumpet. Any attempt to circumvent the ban will result in an extension of the ban. In addition, it is prohibited to create a separate account and join this site for any purpose. Once found, the trumpet will be banned for one month, and the trumpet will be permanently banned. If special circumstances occur, such as the original account is stolen or cannot be retrieved, please contact the management team to change the active account. In addition, account owners are not allowed to lend their own accounts, and will be severely punished once found.
  • Destroy the website. Such acts as clearing other people's page content and arbitrarily modifying the page address will be regarded as malicious damage to the website, which will result in a penalty of one month to permanent ban.
  • Abuse members. If you abuse members inthe discussion area, you will be sentenced to a one week ban. If the circumstances are serious, you will be banned permanently.
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