What Are Phenomena?

The term “Phenomenon” is used to describe a plethora of strange, unexplainable occurrences which cannot be so easily described by the other categories that distinguish between animate and inanimate, human and creature, living and dead, and so forth. A phenomenon encapsulates any unexplained, unnatural irregularity that is typically not fully understood. Phenomena are known for defying laws of physics, pushing the boundaries of ideas such as time and Euclidean geometry, and allowing the impossible to be reality. Phenomena are perhaps what gives this space its notorious extraordinariness, along with setting apart this world from The Frontrooms.

From passing through solid matter, mysterious rituals, lethal environments that occur naturally within a given space, inanimate objects becoming animate, to a room suddenly appearing completely different after one blinks, phenomena can include a wide array of useful yet inexplicable events, to unavoidable, certain death by a power or force that humans may never fully understand. It is advised to use caution when exploring levels that are unexplored or poorly understood, as there is no reasonable way to know exactly what the unknown has in store.

Out of universe, a phenomenon can be described as any strange, unnatural occurrence within The Backrooms. A phenomenon can be something like the walls of a level suddenly changing color for a day, a space and/or effect within a level that causes time to speed up or slow down, a strange ritual which can be used to summon an otherworldly creature, the form of a level suddenly shifting permanently, or any other irregular, difficult-to-explain occurrence that can be described on a wiki article. This category is very broad, so feel free to let your creative juices flow!

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