Meet The Staff
Wikidot Staff

Everyone on this list is here to help keep the site running smoothly. Each of them has their own role or area of expertise where they are fit. Many are veterans, or at least have established themselves as quality site members. If you need to contact staff, tell us on our Discord server, or else PM anyone on this list.

Note: You are expected to recognize these people when on the wiki. You don't have to memorize everything below, though when you see these people call orders, you are to listen.


The following are administrators on the wiki.


Hello, everyone. I'm Leo Miller, the administrator of this website.


Hello everyone, I'm MOXUZI. I'm online most of the time. You can come to me.


The following are moderators on the wiki.


The following are the current Mast on the wiki.

Terminated Employees

Here is a list of users who once worked as website staff and left the management team of the website for various reasons. I would like to record and thank them for their efforts.

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