Level 888
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This is the 889th level of the Backrooms, and the main sample is an endless forest.


Level 888 is made up of a forest of spiritually intelligent trees that have an IQ comparable to that of an ordinary human. Its researchers found that the central part of this layer group has a tree 10,000 km wide and 15,000 km high. All the trees in this layer group are taken over by this tree, and the nutrition of all the trees, will also be given to this tree regularly every month. They do not harm humans, even if humans harm them, they do not harm humans. Don't trust them! The files have been tampered with!


There are no entities here, only entities that help you, and believe me they are friendly. They are false and they will corrupt you! They will control you!
Have a good day.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities:

No organizations are stationed due to unknown reasons.

Entrances and exits


  • Cutting through from Level 999 has a 10% chance of.
  • Cold death by wind and snow at Level 996.
  • Suicide at Level 0 has a 1% chance.


  • Keep walking in the woods and eventually you will reach Level 0.

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