Level 711


Class 2

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A picture of Level 711, taken by unknown.

Level 711 is the 711th level of the backrooms and a safer level.


Level 711 is a tier consisting of the top floors of many tall buildings. The tall buildings are connected by bridges, and normally each platform is secure. This tier has a day and night concept, and Ghoulbirdss usually appear within the tier, but in general Ghoulbirdss do not actively attack Rangers.

Entities other than the Ghoulbirds do not appear in the daylight state of this tier, but Almond Water will appear by the stairs, Smiler will appear if you are unlucky, and at night, Skin-Stealer will appear on the bridge.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

"Corpse-eating Bird Protection Society"

This organization consists of 60 people, ignores all attempts to deal with the organization, and generally behaves as a neutral organization. Members of this organization show extreme love for Ghoulbirds, and are asked not to do anything to harm Ghoulbirds, otherwise there is no way to guarantee the personal safety of the Rangers from being violated.

Entrances And Exits


  • Enter Level 711 from Level 11 a tall building.
  • Touch a tree at Level 555, close your eyes and imagine a city where you will likely come to.
  • Walk from the Level 712 third area to the top floor to enter here


  • Jumping off the bridge will take you into any Level outdoors in the back room.
  • Come to a door with confetti floating around, walk in and you'll be able to attend a party =)!
  • You can get to Level 222 by getting lost in the data here.
  • Go up the stairs at Level 997 to enter or Level 711 to enter as well.

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