Level 555
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Class habitable

  • Safe and secure
  • Adequate resources
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Level 555 of the first photo, taken by unknown.

Level 555 is the 556th level of the Backrooms.


Level 555 is a deep, secluded wood, and this level stays dark all year round. However, the trees in the woods are covered with a strange glowing fruit, which is edible and tastes like a Garbo fruit. Because of the illumination of these fruits, the whole stratum is like daytime. The trees seem to be transparent, and there are many dandelions on the ground, which also glow faintly. Of course, there are also many fireflies in this tier, which seem to be no different from the fireflies in Frontrooms, which seem to have been living here since a long time ago.

The starry sky at this level is beautiful, and if you climb up to the top of the trees or stand on the lake or bridge at the "Lake of Tranquility" and look up, then you will see a sky full of stars. I don't know what it is, but it's incredibly soothing.


Level 555 A "starry sky" taken by a wanderer standing on top of a tree.

The whole level seems to read your mind, and if you're tired, a chair appears out of thin air behind you. If you're thirsty or hungry, a table appears out of thin air in front of you, filled with food and Almond Water Cashew Water and the like. (just the right amount of portions)

There are some strange vines and flowers climbing between trees and trees, and they form some strange and exquisite patterns which seem to be formed naturally. It was confirmed that these patterns did not appear unusual and were determined to be safe.

The temperature here will self-regulate according to the optimal temperature for each creature, so the temperature felt by each creature at this level is different.

Tranquility Lake


"Tranquility Lake"

If you reach the center area of Level 555, then you may see a lake. The entire lake is sparkling and the water is crystal clear. Some wanderers have claimed to have seen Leviathan at the bottom of the lake. but this has not been confirmed. It is a strange lake, and if you try to jump into it, you will find yourself standing directly on the surface. There is a bridge directly above the lake, with woods on one side and, on the other, any safe tier your heart desires.

You may stay in this tier for a few weeks, though on the day you do, your actions will be strictly controlled by members of M.E.G.,Here, as in Level 63, there are many organizations that are attracted to the environment here and try to seize control of this level.


Bases, Outposts and Communities

  • This area is strictly controlled by one organizations, M.E.G..

Entrances And Exits


  • Meditating in the Crimson Forest and keeping your mind free of distractions will get you to this level.
  • Jumping into the Level 35's "sea" has a chance of reaching this level.


  • Walk to the other side of the "bridge" to reach "a safe level of your choice".
  • Touch a tree, close your eyes and imagine a city, and you will reach Level 711 or Level 11.

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